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Purchase, Payment and Trials

Purchase is made through the AutoBuy system which is safe and secure.

At the current time the only way to pay is by Bitcoin (BTC) which we understand may come as a disappointment to those who don't have it. We can only but apologise for this but we experienced the freezing of our PayPal account last year and our Stripe account was also closed due to scammers causing huge amounts of charge-backs by contacting their banks and declaring that the card payments they made were fraudulent. This then lead to us losing in excess of $300! As with most card processing companies the charge-back system always goes in favour of the customer and not the seller.

Please do NOT contact us asking to pay by PayPal or card because we will simply ignore these emails.

Please be aware there are absolutely NO 3 or 7 day trials available so please do not ask!


This site was known as VideoCluster which was originally established back in roughly 2009 as one of the first movie/tv-show streaming sites. Some time in mid 2019 their name was changed to StorageAccess and the original VideoCluster site login simply redirected to a Plesk panel login. Under the new name the service continued to function with the same speed and reliability and new users could sign up if they knew someone who already had an account and could send them an invite. This changed around December 2019 at which time invites were permanently disabled. We managed to retain some previously created accounts that we have available for purchase and each one comes with 335 days of Premium. The site UI is very simplistic at a glance, however the speed and functionality is key and it is stable and fast with no buffering issues.

Movie and TV Shows are updated daily with the most up to date movies and latest tv show episodes available. Quality can vary but is usually offered in either 720p or 1080p where possible. NO cam copies are uploaded to the site. Autoplay and resume/continue watching are two options available as is the ability to Download movies and tv shows.



This site was established after the fall of StreamRoyale/Sagose/Go2Play in roughly early 2018. The site has a beautifully crafted UI. In the beginning the site was fast with no buffering issues, however as time went on and with the huge influx of new users it slowed down considerably as each new account came with 10 invites which lead to not only the permanent disabling of invites on June 13th 2019 but the disabling/removal of inactive accounts. Unfortunately the issues did not stop and very soon users began losing their accounts if they didn't renew their Premium subscription within 7 days of it running out. This did not halt the issues so further restrictions were laid down on users with the disabling of content Download in very early 2020. We currently have 1 account available for purchase that will come with 3 months of Premium. These accounts are pretty much like goldust so once this is gone that will be it!


.EDU Email Addresses

.EDU is an extension that is used by educational institutions. These are only issued to those studying courses of various types. We currently have the ability to generate .EDU email addresses for use with obtaining student discounts as well as student licenses to use certain software for free. These types of email addresses are very valuable. Please let us know if you'd like to buy a certain quantity and we can work out a discount for mass purchase.

Terms and Conditions

You must accept that there are no returns on any purchase as once accounts are handed over they are yours and any issues or support you require in regards to the site you're using must be directed to the site support and not us. The same applies for the purchase of .EDU email addresses.

You must accept that payment has to be made in Bitcoin (BTC) and that currency conversion can cause variations in the price. We try to keep our BTC prices as updated as possible but these are always subject to change - NO EXCEPTIONS!

You must accept that we make use of Google Analytics to track site traffic. If you do not accept this then please navigate away from our site.

You must accept we make use of cookies (not the type you eat). If you do not accept this then please navigate away from our site.

Questions and Support

You may contact us at for any questions you may have or for general support.